INCLINE Research Computing HPC Cluster at UCCS

Through an NSF MRI grant, UCCS will provide a state-of-the-art HPC cluster, called INCLINE, for use by the UCCS and Southern Colorado scientific communities. INCLINE will have an estimated performance of 150 TFLOPS, with 29 nodes including special high-memory and GPU nodes. INCLINE will be deployed and available for use in 2021. To request access, follow the links below.

To join the INCLINE users mailing list, send an email to


Request an Account

In order to use INCLINE you must first request a UCCS Research Computing account. Follow the link below to submit a request.

Node Purchase

INCLINE nodes are available to purchase for use by individual researchers, in exchange for ultra-high priority queues and unlimited allocations. 

HPC Software Request

If you need access to a specific software package, you can request it to be added by submitting a software request form.

INCLINE Documentation

Please see this page for all technical details specific to running your jobs on the INCLINE HPC platform.

INCLINE Publication Acknowledgement