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This is the home page for high performance computing (HCP) resources to support research and training at UCCS, Scientific computing is the application of computers to simulate or predict the answers to complex problems. It allows researchers to find the answers to questions that are too expensive, dangerous, or altogether impossible to determine experimentally or theoretically. Scientific computing has advanced rapidly in recent decades, and can legitimately be called a "third branch" of the scientific method. Computational science pushes computers to their limits in order to obtain accurate, valid results. Many simulations can take months or years to run on a single desktop computer. The use of HPC allows researchers to run these simulations in a fraction of the time, usually with codes that are specifically designed to run on HPC clusters.

Through an NSF MRI grant, UCCS will provide a state-of-the-art HPC cluster, called INCLINE, for use by the UCCS and Southern Colorado scientific communities. INCLINE will have an estimated performance of 100 TFLOPS, with 25 nodes including special high-memory and GPU nodes. INCLINE will be deployed and available for use in early 2021. To request access, follow the links below.


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